FOSTEX “FE 88-Sol” 8.5cm Cone type full range unit (1UNIT)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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  • ● TYPE: 8.5 cm cone type full range unit
  • ● Impedance: 8 Ω / ● Lowest resonance frequency: 100 Hz / ● Reproduction frequency band: f 0 ~ 30 kHz / ● Output sound pressure level: 87.5 dB / 1 w (m) / ● Input (MUS): 15 W (NOM. 10 W) / ● M0: 2.2 g / ● Q 0: 0.45
  • ● Effective vibration radius: 3.425 cm / ● Magnet mass: 584 g (292 g × 2 pcs) / ● Mass: 1,145 g / ● Baffle opening size: φ90 / ● Recommended enclosure method: backload horn / bass reflex
  • ◆ accessories: ● Wood screw × 4 / ● Washer × 4 pieces / ● Packing × 1 sheet / ● Japanese Instruction Manual
  • ● Japanese Instruction Manual URL(PDF):

Product Description

Product features ★ The genealogy of DNA inheritance evolution. ● FE 88 - Sol succeeded the development philosophy of FE 108 - Sol and proprietary technology, and is a newly developed special unit. ● The high-quality sound quality of high quality is supported by double layer paper making and low distortion ferrite external magnetic type magnetic circuit realize delicate and expressive rich music. ◆ Two layer papermaking ES corn ● The newly designed corn paper realizes further improvement of rigidity and securing of internal loss by lightweight by making double-layered ES corn with fine and supple texture and high density. ● Mainly composed of long fiber pulp in the base layer, it is compatible with high rigidity by holding the high rigidity and possession of internal loss, and the surface layer is blended with short fiber pulp to increase the propagation speed on the diaphragm surface. ※ ● Bilayer papermaking is a proprietary technology for making a diaphragm in two stages, and it is a technology to construct one diaphragm with two layers of a base layer and a surface layer. ◆ High rigid aluminum die cast frame ● In order to support the large ferrite magnetic circuit and make it harder to transmit unnecessary vibration to the enclosure, we adopted a high rigidity aluminum die cast frame. ◆ High Compliance Corrugation Damper ● For improvement of linearity, corrugation damper with excellent movement is adopted because there is little change in hardness from minute input to large input while being high compliance. ◆ Low distortion ferrite external magnetic type magnetic circuit ● The magnetic circuit is made by stacking two φ 85 mm ferrite magnets and ensuring sufficient magnetic flux density. ● In the magnetic circuit, placing a copper cap on the pole piece reduces the current distortion, and improves the clarity of the mid-to-high range by reducing the distortion of the driving system.

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